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Outdoor Living in Westlake Village, CA

Outdoor Living, Westlake Village, CA Your outdoor living space can become the best spot for rest and relaxation if you have amenities built for outdoor living. These features can be your patio, gazebo, pool deck, or other amenities that are suited for outdoor activities. If you need one for your property, make sure to find a reliable contractor. Installing these features without the guidance of experts may result in an expensive property improvement project. It is also possible that the amenity will be built in the wrong spot or designed without your desired feature or functionality.

You can avoid these problems by getting the services of trusted contractors like us at Good Earth Landscape Co. We are one of California’s top-rated hardscaping contractors and we have a solid portfolio to back up this claim. Our company is composed of professional designers and builders with decades of experience in the industry. They can work on any outdoor living project regardless of its scope and design complexity. In fact, we can provide you with custom designs that will capture your personality, needs, and lifestyle. Contact us today at 805-659-5131 and join our growing number of highly satisfied clients from Westlake Village, CA, and surrounding areas.

Outdoor Kitchens

Do you want to have a spot in your outdoors that allows you to cook sumptuous meals for your loved ones? Or an area where you can have an al-fresco style diner with your family and friends? You can enjoy all these if you have a well-equipped outdoor kitchen in your home. Some of the features of a complete outdoor kitchen setup include grills, ovens, rotisseries, storage cabinets, sinks, freezers, and other kitchen accessories. Other great add-ons for this popular outdoor living feature are modern outdoor lighting, roofing, entertainment systems, mini bar, and tables and chairs. With an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, you can easily call your friends or close family members for a weekend BBQ party.

Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is your best source of warmth during winter and chilly nights. However, careful installation of the feature is highly recommended. You can install a fireplace near your kitchen and patio or place it in the middle of a sitting area. There are different outdoor fireplace designs, so choose a design plan that will complement with other outdoor features in your backyard.

Fire Pits

Your outdoor living experience will not be complete if you don't have any outdoor fire pit in your property. Fire pits are perfect add-on features for your patio, deck, sitting area, and other outdoor amenities. The design can vary depending on your preferences. You can choose from popular fire pit designs such as circular, square or rectangle. We suggest that you get a custom-built fire pit rather than buying a pre-built one.


Outdoor living amenities will always include the installation of concrete or stone paver patios. This type of feature is an extension of the living room, so it must be well-designed and complete with your needed amenities. The commonly used materials for patios include concrete, stone, and brick pavers. You can also choose a specific design or theme to meet your distinct design taste.

For all your outdoor living needs, please contact the team at Good Earth Landscape Co, to day!