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Sustainable Landscape

Sustainable Landscapes, Thousand Oaks, CA Sustainable landscape design has become increasingly popular in garden trends, allowing the eco-conscience homeowner to minimize the environmental impact of their landscape without sacrificing luxurious outdoor living.

Butterfly garden creating a drought-tolerant landscape doesn't mean having a gravel yard with cactus! If executed properly, many low-watered landscaped yards can even pass as semi-tropical, resembling a thriving oasis with a lush variety of colorful plants that have year - round beauty and give no outward clues that it was created to conserve water. Good Earth Landscape supports integrating the following ideas to create your own sustainable haven at the same time supporting the environment:

Sustainable Landscapes, Newbury, CA
  • Building healthy soil for proper drainage & sustainability of plant life.
  • Planting for diversity and resilience, using native plants whenever appropriate, beginning with small-sized plants for proper establishment and choosing the right plants based on your yards' sun patterns.
  • Reducing lawns and driveway areas sized for functional use only.
  • Positioning evergreen shrubs to increase your home's efficiency, reducing the amount of fencing and walls.
  • Install raised organic vegetable or herb gardens.
  • Plant trees, including fruit and nut-bearing trees.
  • Plant natural areas that invite birds and insects to thrive in your outdoor space, such as a butterfly garden.
  • Install porous materials, like crushed brick, mulch, or gravel to assist with drainage.

Our team of professionals are interested in your long-term goal for a sustainable garden as part of the landscape process. With future water rationing and a growing responsibility to conserve our resources, Good Earth Landscape realizes the tremendous benefits of a drought-tolerant landscape and is dedicated to creating a sustainable landscape design that not only contributes to your bottom line, but reduces the need for nonrenewable resources. We look forward to meeting with you in helping to achieve beauty with ecological sensitivity.